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January 28, 2019
by virginia22sw

The Story of The Stolen Bite of Peach (in six lines)

A king was given a peach from the gods, to make him live 9,000 years.

while the peach was being brought to him, a man grabbed it and took a bite.

the king was worried that he would not live 9,000 years

he ate the rest of the peach.

he was killed in a battle at his castle the very next year.

the morale is that even eternal life can not keep you from being killed.

January 15, 2019
by virginia22sw

The Story Of How A Girl Brought Joy To The Heart Of A King (in six lines)

A girl had a beautiful fish that brought joy to everyone’s heart. There city was getting a new emperor, and her parents were worried he would take her fish, so they offered to hide it. She declined the offer, and said the emperor needed joy brought to his heart. When the emperor came he did come, he did not take her fish but she offered it to him anyway. He was happy to have joy brought to his heart. They put it in a lake, so everyone could see it.

January 10, 2019
by virginia22sw

The Story of the Widow’s Embroidery (in six lines)

There was an embroiderer who went to town to buy rice but found a painting she decided to buy. She loved it, and her son suggested she embroider it. When she was done, it was blown away by the wind and her son went to go get it. A man told him to cross the sea of fire and the sea of ice, he did and got to where the painting was. He took the painting from the women with it, and went to return it to his mother. When he arrived home, another wind blew the picture, and turned there home into it.

January 10, 2019
by virginia22sw

The Story of The Painted Lion Eyes (in six

A girl’s friend who is a dragon gives her a warning, and then she grows up and has a child. While her child is having birth, and dies, she remembers the warning. She waits for the lion’s eyes to turn red, and people tease her. The eyes turn red, and she goes out to an island in a rowboat. She picks up the metal rod and throws it out to sea, and goes back to the mainland. She decides to raise her only child high on a mountain with nobody else.

January 4, 2019
by virginia22sw

More About When The Sea Turned To Silver (after reading up to chapter 17)

Courtesy of Bill Baccus NPS Photo

after reading up to chapter seventeen, I now know that Amah was kidnapped by the emperor’s men and was taken to his dungeon. Pinmei wants to get her back, and Yishan agrees to help her. They want to go to the City of Bright Moonlight, where they think they can find Luminus stone there. It is snowing outside, and they travel on a snowy road through mountains. After their first day of traveling, they spend the night at a friendly couple’s house, and leave in the morning. As they are walking, a woman rides by them on a majestic white horse, but she falls off soon after passing them. They go to help her get up, and she tells them her name is Lady Meng, and she too, is going to the City of Bright Moonlight. They walk by a lake, and she instructs Yishan to break the ice. She fishes in the water with a pair of chopsticks, and takes out an oyster. She throws it up into the air, and it transforms into a swallow. She tells the swallow to lead them to the City of Bright Moonlight.

December 12, 2018
by virginia22sw

The Story Of The Paper Of Answers (in six lines)

The new king of The City of Bright Moonlight was going to marry soon.

The new king met a man carrying some buckets.

The man told the king to ask for the paper in the tiger’s mouth when he was offered a wedding gift.

He got the paper as his wedding gift.

The paper said “you are a leader to only those who choose to follow.”

He thought about the paper and became a successful ruler.

December 10, 2018
by virginia22sw
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Summary of the Story Of Nuwa (in six lines)

The four pillars of the sky collapsed, opening the sky. Sea demons emerged and started devouring everyone. Nuwa,the goddess with a tail, was worried for them. The black turtle was stomping people. Nuwa kills the turtle, and its legs become the four pillars holding up the sky. Nuwa uses her body to fill the hole in the sky.

December 4, 2018
by virginia22sw

Everything You Need To Know About When The Sea Turned To Silver

I am reading When The Sea Turned to Silver. The main characters are Pinmea, Yishan, and Amah. They live in ancient China. Pinmea is a shy little girl, who lives with her grandma (Amah) at the top of a huge mountain. Amah tells stories for the travelers passing by. She also sells them beautiful silks. Yishan lives in a house not far from Pinmea and Amah’s. His father died, so he now lives by himself. He likes to come and hear Amah’s stories. At the bottom of the mountain, there is a village. It is ruled by a mean emperor. He is shipping people off to build the Great Wall. He will let the villagers stay if they give him luminous stone, but nobody has ever found any.

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