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My Celebrations (week 7)


Every year, our family celebrates many holidays, here are a few of them. Easter, Hanukkah Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Purim. Our family celebrates Jewish and Christian holidays. Our next holiday we are going to celebrate is Easter. It is on April 21. On easter, we hide plastic eggs filled with candies. Then we hunt for these plastic eggs. It’s a very fun celebration. I hope you learned a lot about my celebrations from this post.


  1. My family also celebrates many holidays. I’ve also heard of Hanukkah. How do you celebrate Hanukkah? You can check out my blog channel at

  2. Hello there. Hope you had a great Easter this year!

    I am from Venezuela. My favorite holiday growing up was Carnavales, or Carnival in English. You might know it as Mardi Gras. It was a chance to wear costumes and have water balloon fights with all the kids on the street. I remember dressing up as a baby chick, a cow girl and a medieval princess, but we took off the costumes before the water balloons came out!

    I am now living in Egypt. My favorite Egyptian festival is Sham el Nessim. I don’t know what that means exactly, but it’s a spring festival from the time of the pharaohs. People go on picnics to eat spring onions and a smelly pickled fish. There are murals on ancient temples showing the pharaohs celebrating spring with that same food. That means it was a festival celebrated 5000 years ago!

    Hope all of your celebrations are fun and full of joy.

    Mrs. Fitzgerald
    Cairo American College, Egypt

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