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December 12, 2018
by virginia22sw

The Story Of The Paper Of Answers (in six lines)

The new king of The City of Bright Moonlight was going to marry soon.

The new king met a man carrying some buckets.

The man told the king to ask for the paper in the tiger’s mouth when he was offered a wedding gift.

He got the paper as his wedding gift.

The paper said “you are a leader to only those who choose to follow.”

He thought about the paper and became a successful ruler.

December 10, 2018
by virginia22sw
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Summary of the Story Of Nuwa (in six lines)

The four pillars of the sky collapsed, opening the sky. Sea demons emerged and started devouring everyone. Nuwa,the goddess with a tail, was worried for them. The black turtle was stomping people. Nuwa kills the turtle, and its legs become the four pillars holding up the sky. Nuwa uses her body to fill the hole in the sky.

December 4, 2018
by virginia22sw

Everything You Need To Know About When The Sea Turned To Silver

I am reading When The Sea Turned to Silver. The main characters are Pinmea, Yishan, and Amah. They live in ancient China. Pinmea is a shy little girl, who lives with her grandma (Amah) at the top of a huge mountain. Amah tells stories for the travelers passing by. She also sells them beautiful silks. Yishan lives in a house not far from Pinmea and Amah’s. His father died, so he now lives by himself. He likes to come and hear Amah’s stories. At the bottom of the mountain, there is a village. It is ruled by a mean emperor. He is shipping people off to build the Great Wall. He will let the villagers stay if they give him luminous stone, but nobody has ever found any.

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