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Blogging Challenge Reflection


I really enjoyed participating in this blogging challenge. This is my first time ever blogging before, and it is an experience I enjoy and would like to continue doing  in the future.  I have read and commented on other people’s blogs, and learned about their interests. I have also had posts commented on by other bloggers, and heard their opinions about my posts. All in all, this has been a very fun experience.


  1. Hey Virginia,

    I also really enjoyed participating in the blogging challenge. The worst part of it was trying to figure out what to write about. What was the worst part for you? You can visit me here

  2. Hi Virginia,
    The blogging challenge has been an enjoyable event for me and my students too.
    What was your favorite post?

    I hope to see you in next year’s challenge! Have a wonderful summer.
    Best wishes,
    Mrs. D
    STUBC commenter

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