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March 15, 2019
by virginia22sw
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How To Write a Quality Comment

Writing a good comment isn’t hard, but here are a few things that can make a comment really nice.

1. Complement the post you are commenting on, it is a great way to start a comment.

2.Ask a question about the post you are commenting on.

3. Don’t give a comment with only two words. You want to encourage conversation  with the person you are commenting to.

4.Don’t put too many exclamation points in your comment. One or two of them is enough.

March 10, 2019
by virginia22sw

Blogging Challenge Adventure

My blog is about the books I read in my reading group at school. We are studying Asia in school, so all of our stories are based in Asia. We have learned about China so far, and am now moving on to study Japan. I previously read When the Sea Turned To Silver, and am now reading The Heart of a Samurai. I hope you visit my blog regularly and comment on some of my posts.

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