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How To Write a Quality Comment

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Writing a good comment isn’t hard, but here are a few things that can make a comment really nice.

1. Complement the post you are commenting on, it is a great way to start a comment.

2.Ask a question about the post you are commenting on.

3. Don’t give a comment with only two words. You want to encourage conversation  with the person you are commenting to.

4.Don’t put too many exclamation points in your comment. One or two of them is enough.

One Comment

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on good comments and the very cute picture. I agree that comments need more than two words and compliments are a good way to start a conversation.

    I have to disagree about the exclamation points. I don’t think you need any and two are way too many. However, if someone were to use, even two, I don’t think I would be upset.

    Keep the blogging going!

    Ms. C.

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