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At our school, we  do a research paper on a country in Asia. I chose to do my research on Kuwait. Kuwait is a country on the Persian gulf,  bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It is mostly made up of desert. Kuwait has very hot weather, and in the summer it can reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Kuwait has seven offshore islands, and if you are in to history, they are very interesting to visit. Kuwait has minimal plant and animal life because of its many deserts. Kuwait has fought many wars, including the very famous Gulf War, a war between Iraq and Kuwait. Kuwait is a very interesting country, and I hope you have learned a lot from this post.


  1. Dear Virginia,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and learning about Kuwait. I found it really interesting that you chose to study and research this country for your research paper and I learned a lot of new facts after finishing your blog. I look forward to reading more of your future posts!

    Miriam(Student Blogging Commentor)

  2. Wow! Kuwait seems like a very interesting place! Have you ever been to Kuwait? I haven’t. I didn’t even know Kuwait existed! How do you know about this place? I think Kuwait flag looks really cool! Do you like the flag? Sorry this comment is so short!

    Check out my blog:

    -Adrienne ♡

  3. Dear Virginia,
    Kuwait sounds very interesting. Their flag is unusual. I wonder what the meaning is behind it?
    Would you like to live in a country with deserts and high temperatures?

    Thanks for being part of the blogging challenge.

    Student blogging challenge commenter

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