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Ancient Egypt Story: The Magic Cat


The Magic Cat

Nefret could not do it. No matter how hard she tried, she just could not. “It just takes time” said Mido, Nefret’s scribe teacher. “Nobody becomes a scribe overnight” Nefret knew mido was trying to be patient with her. She knew she would have to work harder if she really wanted to become a scribe.

     The Sky was bright in Memphis. The sun’s rays glinted off of the waters of the Nile. The river looked like it was on fire. Nefret and her scribe teacher, Mido, were sitting in the sand by the river. Nefret’s mind wandered from her studies, and she looked toward the pyramid being built. It was very hard to concentrate. Mido’s stern voice brought her head out of the clouds. “Now Nefret” he scolded “you must concentrate on your studies or you will never succeed”. “I’m sorry” Nefret said. She knew Mido was right, but she just hated learning all of the symbols. Nefret wished hieroglyphs were simpler. 

     All Nefret wanted was to go home to her hut by the river side, and see her cat, Massika. Mido proceeded to teach Nefret a lion shaped symbol, but she wasn’t listening at all. Finally Mido concluded the lesson and sent her off with some papyrus to practice on. Nefret’s began the long walk back to her hut. It was the hottest day ever, and the walk was terrible.

      When she arrived home, she found Massika sitting on her table. Nefret sat down as well, and started on her work. As she lay down her reed brush on the papyrus, a strange voice filled the room. “You are confused” it said. “I can help you” Nefret was bewildered. She looked to Massika, and found her staring straight ahead. “Who was that” Nefret asked. The voice spoke again. “Look at your table, and you will see me”. Nefret looked up to Massika, who was staring at her again. “Yes”said Massika. “I am the one speaking to you” “what can you do to help me?” Nefret asked in awe. “I know hieroglyphs confuse you” said Massika I will think this over and tell you about my ideas soon. I will help you become a wonderful scribe”

     Massika spoke no more that evening, nor in the morning when Nefret. Nefret walked to Mido, who was waiting for her. He looked over her work, and grumbled with frustration. Finally he said “Nefret, I was wondering if you wanted to try being a craftsman instead of a scribe”? “No” exclaimed Nefret, a little louder than she had wanted to. “I will give you one more chance” said Mido “if you do not turn in completed work, I will find a craftsman teacher for you”. Nefret walked back to her hut filled with sadness. Just then, she remembered Massika’s words. Maybe she would find a solution to her problems. When she arrived home, Massika was ready. “I have come up with an Idea to help you. I have written a new languages for you on this papyrus. It is much simpler than hieroglyphs”. “Thank you” exclaimed Nefret. “I will bring this to Mido imeadiateley.  Nefret ran out the door, but paused. “I have one question for you, Massika” she said. “Are you a goddess”? “Yes” replied massika. “I must leave you soon” “thank you for everything” said Nefret, and she ran to find Mido. 

               She found Mido teaching another student down by the Nile. He was very surprised to see her. “What are you doing here Nefret”? He asked. “You know it is very rude to interrupt a lesson” “sorry” said Nefret. “Look at this” Nefret showed Mido the writing, and he was the most amazed person in the world.They decided to take it to the pharaoh immediately.  When they arrived at her palace, two armored guards were standing at the door. When they saw the writing, they offered to pay Nefret a great deal of riches for it. She agreed to sell it to them if the pharaoh didn’t want it. They found the pharaoh sitting in a chair and eating dates off of a gold plated platter that shone as brightly as the moon.when he saw the writings, he gasped. “No” he said “I could not use this writing. How would the gods understand this if we used it on our tombs? Go away” 

     Nefret and mido walked out of the room in sadness. The guards were waiting for them. “can we buy it from you?” They asked. Nefret agreed, and she was sent home with a golden chariot filled with riches. Her chariot was pulled by dogs with fur as soft as silk. She rode home, where she lived happily ever after

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