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My School – Blog Challenge Week 5


I go to an independent school in Pennsylvania. Our school day is usually started off with a morning meeting, where we sit on our desks in a circle and talk about events in our life. We have many subjects in school, such as social studies, art, math, science, Spanish, language arts, and engineering and design. Engineering and design is where we get to build things out of wood cardboard, paper, nails, screws, drills, etc.  We have a snack break at 9:50 in the morning. We have lunch at 11:30 in the morning, and recess and quiet time follow after. After school, our school offers optional sports for fall, winter, and spring. Outside of our school, we have two different playgrounds, and three sports fields.  The picture is of our courtyard, where we sometimes have recess. I hope you have learned a lot about my school from this post.


  1. Hi Virginia, Thanks for the introduction to your school. Do you have a favorite subject? Do you work in groups on projects? Does your school have a library? Do you use technology in your classrooms? Are there clubs after school? It is always interesting to learn about other schools. ..Ms.T

  2. Hi, my name is Austin. I wish i had all of those breaks in my day i only have 2 breaks. What is and independence school. Your school looks nice to. If you want to come see my blog here.

  3. Hey, my name is April and my school dues not have a Spanish class or a engineering and design class dues your school have indoor halls or outdoor hall to get to classes and is it essay and do you like all your classes and what sports do u play.

  4. Hi your blog was really good keep up the good work.

  5. Hi I really liked how you explained your day and what you do in the start of your day and I really liked your courtyard it looks like a peaceful place where everyone can just hang out and just talk without problems.

  6. Hi I’m Ayden and i like that you live in Pennsylvania, I heard its nice out there. I live in cali. and Its also nice here. I think you would like to check out my blog,, Thanks, Ayden.

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